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Dark Horse Scotty Karate Scotch Ale

Dark amber color with a slight off-white head. Aromas of caramel, toffee, earthy hops. Taste

Dark Horse Reserve Special Black Ale

Black color with a nice thick brown head. Aromas of bitter chocolate, coffee, roasted barley,

Beavertown Black Betty

Deep red to black body. Medium with a finger of nice beige foam. The aroma is of hops, burned

Westbrook Mexican Cake Imperial Stout

Black medium body, a small brown foam head. The nose catches the lot of it. Dark chocolate,

High Water Campfire Stout

Full black body, flat. Medium density. Smells like cocoa, brown sugar, chocolate. Taste of

Maui Brewing Bikini Blonde Lager

Golden headless body. Thin. Greatly brewed malt flavor with a hint of hops and a fruity note.

Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break Natale Pretty Please With A Cherry On Top

Black body with thin brown head. Medium to full palate. Aroma and taste of coffee and cherry.

Birrificio del Ducato Verdi Imperial Stout

Aroma of pepper oil with some coffee. Stouty taste of coffee with some choco. Leaves a

Mikkeller The American Dream

Medium to light body, golden with thick white head. Aroma of pine, grass and a hint of malt.

Ægir Lynchburg Natt

Bourbon vanilla aroma. Super smooth moutfeel of balanced bourbon, vanilla, chocolate and

To Øl Jule Mælk

Black body, full. Smells of dark fruits, milk, milk chocolate, some coffee. Same taste full of

Thornbridge Halcyon

Golden pale medium to light body without much of a head. Aroma of citrus, full of lemon. Great

Thornbridge Bayern

Transparent golden thin body with a thin head. Aroma and taste of some malt, maybe some

Siren Undercurrent

Orange medium body with a finger of white foam. Aroma of fruit, maybe peach and some

Mikkeller Porter

Pitch black medium body with a finger of creamy brown foam. Fills the nose with mocha. Hints

Brooklyn East India Pale Ale

Orange body with a short lasting head. Aroma and taste of caramel, a bit of raisin and had a

Maui Brewing Sobrehumano Palena’ole

Coloured like peaches marnelade with just the right medium to full body. Aroma of cherry and

Thornbridge Chiron

Surprisingly full for the style body of yellow with a finger of white foam on top. Aroma and taste